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I did an impression of Peridot and ended up singing All Stars by Smash Mouth. End me. Here's a link to my Soundcloud if you wanna hear this sin… Peridot Icon 11 
So I fired again and then I missed and then I missed again and then I fired again and then I fired and then I fired and I missed I missed both times and I fired and I missed this went on for several hours and then I fired and then I missed and then I was outta bullets And I got sad I had a popsicle and then I passed out in the snow then I woke up and then I reloaded and then I fired and then I missed I missed again I fired I hit somethin but it wasn't what I was goin for so I guess I missed I passed out again had another popsicle I has a dream where I was firing at somethin I missed alright so she can pick a snowball fight with me I threw a snowball at em I missed I packed another snowball into ma gun that's my secret weapon I missed yeah shes really somethin I threw a snowball at her I missed I passed out I woke up with a popsicle stick in my mouth don't piss me off woman I'll take a swing at you I'll miss tho I guarantee it And I'll take another swing and I'll miss and I'll have myself a popsicle would you care for a popsicle? Just don't bring it into the sauna Long story short I missed :doublechinarin: 
  • Listening to: Sienfeld End my Life, I've become so numb - Full V
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Rhys What Are You Doing. by TheGhostlyWizard
Rhys What Are You Doing.
I got bored on Gmod so I made this thing. Hhhhh
Characters belong to Borderlands.
Map is friggin Legend of Zelda Windwaker.
I recently remembered Borderlands was a thing and I really wanna draw stuff from the game but I am having severe art block and I have no idea which character to draw hhhhh TRIP TRIP TRIPPIN 
Sorry I have not been posting for a while! I was in Tous New Mexico for a while and we didn't have internet eeeeehhh...I will be posting some stuff tomorrow so stay sharp my dudes.Jontron Simba Dance Emoticon Mental Breakdown Jontron Reaction Jontron Captain Crunch Paradise :confusedjontron: STOP THE PAIN! CEASE THIS MADNESS! Jontron - it is awful.. It's all f*cking awful!! Jontron Reaction Chat Emoticon 


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